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At this time, Dr. Sabrina N'Diaye is not accepting new clients for therapy as she is conducting more trainings and workshops across the globe. There is a small window for returning clients to be seen for therapy. Please contact us if that is you. If your organization would like to have Dr. Sabrina N'Diaye facilitate a specific workshop, please contact us.

Learning and Growing with the Heart Nest

The Heart Nest Institute for Peace and Healing is a hub of learning, self-discovery, and personal growth, founded by Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye, a global leader in integrative health and wellness. Dr. Sabrina, (or Sister Sabrina, as she is often affectionately called), serves as a guide to our community of experts, who are also leaders in the fields of peace building, health, and personal transformation. Each Heart Nest practitioner is committed to living what they teach, and to lives of deep service to humanity. 

They are here now to assist you to serve and guide you in your desire to heal, grow, and soar.


The Heart Nest is a woman-owned Certified Minority-Owned Enterprise. We are as diverse as the communities we serve.


I wept, because for years He did not enter my arms; then one night I was told a secret: Perhaps the name you call God is not really His, maybe it is just an alias. I thought about it, and came up with a pet name for my Beloved I never mention to others. All I can say is- it works

- Rabia of Basra


Mind-Body Skills Groups

Mind-Body skills groups are the heart of our work in the Nest. Grounded with the breath, these groups are a weekly reunion of 8 to 10 people, meeting online in 2 hour sessions for 8 weeks. Each week, members learn (or re-visit) a self-care tool, designed to deepen your self-awareness, and assist you in landing at your own answers. These sacred tools include meditation, breathwork, movement, guided imagery, writing, eating for life, and creative expression. 

Your mind and body are not separate entities--they work in unison to bring healing into every part of your amazing self.


Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy, also known as integrative mental health, explores the interconnection between our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is a delicate blend of ancient traditions with modern science. This blend provides healers and their clients with a “tool box” for healing the wounds of mental illness, trauma, addiction, and chronic illness. These tools include creative self-expression, relaxation, biofeedback, meditation, guided imagery, exercise, nutrition, and prayer.



Spirituality is more than just religion; it is about our connection to humanity, to nature, and all of creation. Spiritual healing is a gentle, loving approach to bringing us back to our original nature. The part of us that is fully capable of love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Through active acts of prayer, chanting, and movement, we are able to open the parts of us that have been closed off from ourselves and others. The spiritual healers at The Heart Nest invite you to bring your religion and enhance that experience with practices that heal your body and your mind, while restoring your faith in the Divine.

Expressive Arts

The Heart Nest hosts a number of healing experiences that allow participants to express themselves through art. Some of these modalities include bellydance, collaging, quilting, painting, and storytelling. The arts allow people to move beyond their linear thinking, accessing the right side of their brain, the cornerstone of creativity, spirituality, and connection. These experiences allow people to tap into their innate wisdom and find solutions to their challenges. Unlike traditional talk therapy, the arts move us from reliance on the words to an expression of the heart. The arts have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, alleviate physical discomfort, and instill hope.