Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

How much do your programs cost?

All of us at the Heart Nest seek the balance between making a living and serving humanity. This commitment to service is reflected in our costs. Each of our programs will have three cost points--

  • Heart Overflow covers the costs of your program, plus a portion for someone who has less financial resources than you at this time.
  • Open Heart is the actual program cost.
  • Receiving Heart is a reduced fee for people who require support at this time.

What is the difference between a mind-body skills group and therapy?

Mind-body groups are designed to complement your healthcare--it is not designed to replace any of your current healthcare providers, including your mental health therapist. Although not considered therapy, these groups are definitely therapeutic...and healing...and fun.

Are all of your practitioners therapists?

Our practitioners come from diverse backgrounds and careers. They are not all therapists. However, they are all committed to healing, growth, and community (yours and theirs).

Do I need to be a client of Dr. Sabrina’s in order to attend another group at the Heart Nest?

Absolutely not! Dr. Sabrina is a part of this community, just like you are. You are welcome to make your own choices around your level of participation.

Is this a religious organization?

It is our sincere intention that the insights that you will gain through our programs will either enhance your current religious/spiritual, or invite you to forge a new spiritual path that reflects who you are in the present moment.

All paths are welcome.