Our Programs

Let’s Breathe! Welcome to The Heart Nest Center for Peace and Healing! Each of our Heart Nest groups, programs, or courses are designed to inspire, hold, and guide you on your personal journey towards returning to your Divine Essence. 

Mind-Body Skills Groups

Based on a model developed by the Center for Mind Body Medicine, with our Founder Dr. Sabrina N’Diaye as Senior Faculty, and leaning on the wisdom of sacred traditions thousands of years old, mind-body skills groups are highly effective containers for healing and renewal. 

In our current world, mind-body skills groups are virtual and far-reaching with participants from all corners of the globe. In our sacred virtual circles, you will:

  • Embrace mental, physical, and emotional balance...
  • Learn tools for self-care...
  • Deepen your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection..
  • Improve your ability to manage stress...
  • Re-connect with your community...
  • Experience a few moments of freedom…

Grounded with the breath, we gather together weekly in an intimate group of 8 to 10 people, meeting online in 2 hour sessions for 8 weeks. Each week, you will learn (or re-visit) a self-care tool, designed to deepen your self-awareness, and assist you in landing at your own answers. These sacred tools include meditation, breath work, movement, guided imagery, writing, eating for life, and creative expression. 

Led with the heart-centered guidance of one of our Advanced Practitioners, the focus shifts from the specifics of what we are doing to a keen awareness of how we’re being - to ourselves and with others. 

The Forgiveness Path

Rooted in every spiritual tradition, the practice of forgiveness has been scientifically proven to impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Most importantly, it provides us with an opportunity to move beyond the beliefs and behaviors that prevent us from achieving true healing and success. 

This weekend of retreat and renewal is an opportunity to:

  • Address resentments with yourself and others that have blocked you from living out your calling….
  • Re-connect with your innate wisdom…
  • Identify tools for re-storing your mind, body, and spirit
  • Experience a renewed sense of freedom

Friday, October 14 - Sunday, October 16, 2022 

Eracism: A Inner Peace Course for White People

It’s useful (and particularly during this time) for white people to listen to each other and decide on action steps we want to take individually without looking to people of color for reassurance, to educate us, or to tell us what to do. 

This coming together will be for white people working on and eliminating our own racism.

Here’s what you’ll get in these workshops and ongoing classes:

  • Perspective that might be useful to you in thinking and acting in your life against racism
  • Listening to each other in a space where we can safely voice fears, hopes, and old strange thoughts we didn’t ask for but we have a responsibility to examine
  • Gain new thinking 
  • Shed defensiveness to be an ally for real 
  • Suggested readings and clips to discuss together—not as a “book club” or “movie club” but as an educational tool to help us create a common framework
  • Examine our own identities/backgrounds 
  • Examine how groups get pitted against each other and the intersection of oppressions
  • A non-judgmental space to make mistakes and not abandon each other
  • Make new, deeper connections with others in the group and others in your life

We grew up on this end of racism (being in the group that perpetrates it/doesn't get targeted by it), and it has affected us, no matter how much we resisted. I want to offer this kind of work that I do, based on social justice organizations I’ve been a part of for two decades, as a way for us to move forward on the road to eliminating our own white racism. Our good thinking and actions are needed now, and will be in the future, so we can be united with each other and be real allies to people of color.

“Playing” From the Heart: Learn to Write a Short Play

Do you dream of becoming a writer? Is there a story that needs to be told? There’s a play that only you can write. In this interactive, joyful workshop, you will learn to write your own dialogue, for your unique short play. Through delving into your creative side, you will discover a whole new approach to stepping into another person’s shoes. And you’ll never see another play in the same way again.

Under the guidance of an internationally produced and published playwright, you will:   

  • Connect with your creative, playful side 
  • Learn the key ingredients to what makes a great short play
  • Discover your inner resources to continue your new journey as a playwright
  • Increase your capacity for empathy, risk-taking, and trust.

Project Big Mama: Remembering the Lost Black Matriarch

(a Heart Nest Special Project)